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Reverend Dr. James E. Wilson, Jr., BA, M.Div.,D.Min., Senior Pastor;

Reverend  Debrah Washington, Gospel Missionary Baptist Church

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On April 5, 1915, two churches, Galilee and Tabernacle, having that, “in unity there is strength,” came together and formed one church – “THE FIRST UNION BAPTIST CHURCH OF THE BRONX.”  The First Union Baptist Church called Rev. Philip H. Lee to be their pastor, and they worshipped in the building formerly occupied by the Tabernacle Church on East 158th Street of Bronx, New York.

The church grew and multiplied under the efficient and faithful leadership of Rev. Lee, until February 1, 1936 when God called him from “labor to reward,” and promoted his  faithful  servant to glory.  Then, as in the days of Sacred Writ with Elijah and Elisha, the mantle fell on Rev. Walter B. Wilson who had served the church willingly and well in each office that he occupied.  He exhibited all the qualities of a good shepherd, one whom the flock could safely follow in everyday life – for he taught by example as well as precept.

When Rev. Walter B. Wilson accepted the mantle to carry the gospel to higher heights and during his pastorate, the church went from strength to strength, spiritually as well as financially, continuing in the path of its first pastor, who preached the pure and unadulterated Gospel.   Rev. W.B. Wilson’s faithful work increased from year to year, and like a courageous soldier, on September 11, 1962, he was called from duty to reward.  Less than two months later, on October 28, 1962, our assistant pastor, Rev. Joseph Harding, was also removed from the ranks that he might be promoted by God. 

On January 1, 1963, Rev. Ernest Powell was installed as the third pastor of First Union Baptist Church. Rev. Ernest Powell was no stranger to the congregation, for he had systematically come up through the ranks, and the church knew him and he was well loved.  Rev. Powell served well as a leader, living and preaching God’s word.  His main interest was in saving souls, and he showed great interest in ministering to all members of his congregation. 

Rev. Ernest Powell had a dream of building a new church.  With this dream in mind and with faith in God, he led the church to purchase property adjoining the church so that it may have more space to expand.  This new debt was paid off in just six years.  However, it was not in God’s plan that Rev. Powell should live to see First Union in a new building.  On March 26, 1973, Rev. Powell was called home to be with the Lord. 

For the next year and for the first time in its history, First Union was without a pastor.  It was not however, without a leader.  Deacon Solomon Brockington, the Chairman of the Deacon Board, took over the reins and kept the church together while a search for a new pastor was undertaken by the Pulpit Committee.  In their searching, the committee came upon a young preacher, full of the Holy Ghost, and on March 27, 1974, the congregation extended the pastoral call to their fourth and present pastor, The Reverend James E. Wilson, Jr., native of Sumter County, Rembert, South Carolina. 

On May 19, 1974, Rev. James E. Wilson, Jr. began preaching and teaching with unification and a Godly attitude as his goal.  With his eyes on the future, and a growing congregation, Rev. Wilson was compelled to seek larger quarters.  On Palm Sunday, April 3, 1977, led by the spirit of the Lord and their pastor, First Union Baptist Church marched triumphantly into its present home, 2064 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10457. 

The progress of this Church is an example of faith in God.  When things look darkest, God brought light out of the darkness.  Today, we thank God, from whom all blessings flow, for the faithful soldiers of the Cross who labored on and died in harness.  God saw it wise in his providence to take them away, but they shall never be forgotten.  We shall follow in their footsteps, always LOOKING FORWARD, until our Heavenly Father shall say, “It is enough, COME UP HIGHER.”


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